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Our management team

UDL has a great team of people, here to help you resolve your utility issues, whether electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, or broadband installation (shared property). You can meet some of us here.

Mary Ollivier, Commissioner and CEO
Appointed in February 2020 Mary Ollivier is the 3rd Commissioner and CEO of UDL (previously Electricity and Gas Complaints Commission). Mary was previously the Director Regulatory at the New Zealand Law Society and before that the acting Executive Director from January 2018 until April 2019.

Mary is a lawyer who has worked in law firms in Auckland and Wellington and overseas before joining the Law Society.

Mary has been involved in legal regulatory matters at an international level and was appointed to the Joint Australia/New Zealand Standards Committee QR-015 to update the ISO standard Guidelines for complaints handling in organisations.
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Neil Mallon, Deputy Commissioner
Neil joined UDL as Deputy Commissioner in September 2020. He is a lawyer with extensive experience working with complaints and regulation.

Neil began his career in the banking industry, investigating complaints and fraud. He spent time in the UK managing prosecutions and appeals about the conduct of barristers. Before joining UDL, Neil worked in Senior and General Manager roles and at executive team level for national regulatory organisations.

When not in the office, Neil and his wife are occupied with the escapades of their four children and fellow conspirator Foxy (the dog).
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Markus Frey, Senior Manager, Strategy & Innovation
Markus returned to UDL in July 2021 as Senior Manager Strategy and Innovation after being a Conciliator, Senior Conciliator and Team Manager during his previous time at UDL from 2012 to 2018. Originally from Germany (although people say he does not behave all that German), Markus came to New Zealand in 2003 to complete his Master of Laws (LLM) and has never left. He is an experienced mediator and senior manager. During his time away from UDL Markus gained regulatory experience with the Law Society as well as insights into complaint handling in the private and public sector as Customer Resolutions Manager of Rabobank and MPI.

In his spare time Markus plays indoor football and follows the notoriously unsuccessful German football team, FC St Pauli.
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Steve Graham, Resolution Manager
In November 2023, Steve Graham began his role as the Resolution Manager. Prior to this Steve was the Early Resolution Manager having rejoined UDL as Senior Conciliator in December 2021. He previously worked for UDL from 2012 to 2017. In his time away Steve broadened his experience in electricity metering and is an accredited mediator with both law and science degrees.

Steve enjoys spending time with his two young children. He enjoys playing cricket and golf and is a passionate Formula 1 fan.
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Fern Harper, Conciliation Team Manager
Fern Joined UDL in June 2019 as a Conciliator, he learnt the ropes and then in December 2021 became the Conciliation Team Manager. Before starting at UDL, Fern worked in insurance claims for nine years. He loves getting on the phones and talking through complaints with whoever he needs to. In his personal life Fern is a bit of a home body who loves spending time with his family, baking and catching up on reading. When he does venture out of the house it's usually to get in amongst nature and enjoy the local beaches and rivers.
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Paul Moreno, Kaiwhakahaere Rangahau, Pūrongo | Research and Reporting Manager
Paul has been with UDL since 2014 and previously worked in government in advisory roles. Outside of work, Paul enjoys cycling, rowing, kayaking and fishing.
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Diana Wolken, Communications Manager
Diana has broad experience in Public Relations having worked in the UK and NZ for public, private and not for profits. Diana is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand. Outside of work, Diana enjoys reading, music, cycling and rowing with a love of travel, vistas and cultures.
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Selwyn Lackner-Priest, Māori Cultural Advisor
Selwyn joined UDL as the Māori Cultural Advisor in May 2023. He has previously served with governance entities, a tikanga based disputes resolution Kaupapa, worked in the community, and worked as kaitiaki on and offshore. He is regularly involved in many Hapū and Iwi Kaupapa and loves to help people understand things from a Māori worldview.

In Selwyn’s spare time, he enjoys being with his family and helping at different Kaupapa, and being at his marae, even if it means washing dishes.