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Our complaints process

You can view our animated complaint process here to see how we can help you. 

You can find more information below and can view (and print) our complaint process here.

  • When you ask us to look into your complaint we will check:

    If we can’t look into your complaint, we will refer you to the right agency

    More information

    Fact sheet - Looking into your complaint

    Helpful links to organisations who may be able to help you

  • Have you complained to your energy company providing your energy supply.

    Your energy company must have the opportunity to resolve the complaint with you first. Generally your energy company has 20 working days to resolve the complaint with you.

    You can:

    • contact your energy company directly – use the word ‘complaint’ and ask to talk with someone who deals with complaints; or
    • ask us to refer your complaint to your energy company providing your energy supply.

    More information

    List of Energy Companies 

    Fact sheet – Resolving your complaint with a provider

  • UDL is committed to delivering a dispute resolution process that meets the needs of all those who seek our help to resolve a complaint. We have partnered with the Tūhono Collective to provide a tikanga-based Māori dispute resolution framework for resolving disputes using Māori beliefs, principles, values and practices that derive from traditional knowledge (mātauranga Māori).


     Please contact us to further discuss this and how we can assist you.

  • Commissioner makes a proposed recommendation and gives you and the provider the opportunity to comment

    If the complaint is not resolved, the Commissioner can make a proposed recommendation.

    If you and the provider accept the proposed recommendation, the proposed recommendation becomes binding.

    If you or the provider don’t accept the proposed recommendation, you can submit comments.

    Commissioner makes a final recommendation

    If you and the provider accept the final recommendation, the recommendation becomes binding.

    If you don’t accept the final recommendation, we will close the file. You may be able to take the complaint to another forum (e.g. Disputes Tribunal or district court).

    If you accept, but the provider doesn’t, the Commissioner will make a determination. This means the provider must comply with the Commissioner’s recommendation.

  • We work with you and the provider to find an outcome that works for you both.

    We usually arrange a meeting with you and your energy company on the phone or in person.

    We may also pass information between you and your energy provider. Sometimes we get expert advice about technical or legal issues.

    More information

    Conciliation conferences 

    Fact sheets – Looking into your complaint