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UDL has a number of resources including policies that may be helpful. 

For example, our Providing Domestic Violence Support Policy.  

UDL's external policy, guidelines, and etiquette

  • UDL’s social media channels are used within our Prevent | Educate | Resolve platform with the key emphasis on educating and engaging with people about utility issues. They provide platforms to increase transparency and update you of any changes within UDL.

    Most of all, these channels offer a great way for us to share what we’re doing and hear more about what’s happening with all of you across Aotearoa.

    Our main goals when using the social media are:

    • share information on utilities relevant to our services to help consumers
    • make more people aware of UDL’s many services
    • demonstrate the value of these services
    • keep the public informed on any specific UDL update that may be of importance

    We operate social media accounts on the following platforms:

    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn

    UDL’s Social Media ‘etiquette’

    We believe social media is an opportunity to engage with you (the public) in a more relaxed and productive way. It gives us a platform to tell you more about us and hear more from you.

    This doesn’t mean that we can let the conversation run entirely unmoderated. Social media platforms have their own terms and conditions, and we have our own etiquette (terms and conditions/rules) for how we expect you to act when you’re on our pages.

    If you post any content on our pages that doesn’t comply with our etiquette, we reserve the right to remove that content – and if you repeatedly break this, you may be blocked from all UDL social media channels. However, this won’t restrict your access to our complaint channels.

    Don’t talk about cases. While UDL is committed to dealing with complaints freely, fairly, and quickly, we can’t discuss anything on our social media channels. If you want to learn more about your complaint, or to lodge a complaint, please call 0800 22 33 40 or click “start a complaint” in the top right. If any comment seems more suited to be addressed by our resolution team, we will direct you to the appropriate channel.

    No personal details. We do not allow the sharing of personal details on our social media – whether those details are the posters, a third party, a member of your utility provider, or a member of the UDL team. These comments will be removed immediately.

    Be nice. This page is open for all audiences – so let’s make sure the content is right for everyone. We don’t tolerate rude language or imagery, or any unreasonable behaviour.

    No spam zone. We like to keep things fresh, so don’t go copy-pasting the same comment over and over again. Repeat or repetitive comments may be deleted, or the poster blocked.

    Criticism. Be constructive and polite. While this isn’t our preferred channel for criticism, we can take your opinion on board and direct it to the right place. But if you are aggressive, unreasonable, or defamatory, your comment will be removed.

    Stay on topic. We want to keep the conversation related to UDL and what we do. If we believe a comment to be entirely unrelated to the topic, we may remove it.

    We reserve the right to remove any content that we otherwise believe to be inappropriate for our social media channels and, if necessary, block users.