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Welcome to UDL

Welcome to UDL. We have been resolving complaints since 2001. We listen, ask the right questions and we don’t take sides.

Utilities Disputes is here to help

  • Utilities Disputes resolves complaints about electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, and broadband installation (shared property). Our service is free, independent, and fair.

    Do you need help:

    • understanding your electricity, gas, telecommunications, or water bill?
    • paying your bill?
    • talking to your provider?
    • something else?

    You can reach us by:

    • calling one of our team members on 0800 22 33 40
    • Emailing us at
    • using our live chat function (available bottom-right on each page of our website) or a complaint form on our website
    • visiting our Facebook page.

    We welcome calls using NZ Relay Services, and we use Interpreting NZ.

    Utilities Disputes brochures and fact sheets

    • See our brochures here – available in 12 languages.
    • See our electricity and gas information sheets
    • See our water information sheets
    • See our broadband shared property access information sheets
    • See our telecommunications information sheets.

    Or you can go to our useful organisations page to find services that may be of help to you.

Thank you to UDL for everything, without you, we would have been ‘stuck’ without a way forward. As soon as you became involved, things started happening to try and resolve the issue.

Common complaints

Common complaints we receive can be about billing, customer service, meters, disconnection, and supply. If you have an issue or complaint, first contact your energy company straight away as they may be able to resolve it for you immediately. If it's not sorted, contact our team at UDL. We're here to help!

UDL provides free and independent dispute resolution services, for electricity, gas, telecommunications, and water complaints.  We also resolve disputes about access to shared property for fibre installations. Most disputes that come to us are resolved through working with all the parties (people). UDL uses a wide range of dispute resolution techniques, including mediation and conciliation. If the parties cannot agree, UDL can issue a decision.

Our services for you are free, fair and independent.  

UDL Commissioner

The Commissioner helps New Zealanders with their complaints against electricity, gas, telecommunications, and water companies, and disputes about shared property access for fibre installations. The majority of complaints are resolved. For those few that are not resolved the Commissioner will investigate and make a decision.