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Tūtohu Kamupene Pūngao

Energy companies are required to comply with the specific UDL Scheme document. This page has information about the roles and responsibilities of providers and the Utilities Disputes Board in monitoring and reporting compliance.

Requirements for energy companies,  supplying services to consumers and members of the UDL schemes, to monitor and report compliance

The Scheme document requires all energy companies to monitor their compliance with the Scheme rules (SR) and report annually on this to the Board (General Rules (GR) 48.d,e and 49, subject to exclusions in SR16 and SR17).

Board’s role in monitoring and reporting compliance

As well as resolving complaints, UDL may carry out activities it may consider appropriate to support its services and with the aim of promoting good practice in relation to handling of complaints and public confidence in dealing with providers (GR47).

These activities may include:

  • Monitoring provider's compliance with the Scheme(s) including, for example, by mystery shopping, and providing reports and recommendations to providers based on the outcome of the monitoring (GR48.d)
  • Collecting and analysing information and data about complaints and their handling and about the utilities sector, and using those to monitor, prepare and publish reports about trends, practices and systemic issues in relation to a particular Scheme or all or part of the utilities sector (GR48.e)