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Video clips & webinars

UDL has a key philosophy to complaints: Prevent | Educate | Resolve.

We produce short videos (and webinars) during the year that you can access to understand more about how UDL can help you and support you. We hope you find these a useful resource.


Not all webinars will be publicly available as they are used for training purposes and there will be privacy considerations.

If there is a specific webinar you wish to view, please contact us.  

  • Utilities Disputes provides NZ's approved dispute resolution services for electricity, gas, water, and broadband shared property access.

    UDL and NZSL

    View this video which explains what we do and how we do it in NZ Sign Language (NZSL).


  • Please click here to be taken to UDL's team talking on Surges, Spikes and Outages 

    Surges, Spikes and Outages



  • View Deborah Hart, Chair of the Consumer Advocacy Council talking about consumer advocacy and what that really means today...


  • Watch this one minute video to find out more about energy bills

    Confused About Your Energy Bill? Watch this one one minute video.

    If you have a question or complaint about your bill, ask your company to look into it. If it’s not sorted, get in touch with Utilities Disputes!

    Many of the electricity and gas complaints UDL receives are about billing. Confusion around high bills or ‘back bills’ are common issues.

    While we can’t make decisions about the price of electricity or gas, we can look at whether your bill is accurate, your plan is right for

    Contact us on 0800 22 33 40 - we are free fair and independent 

  • Watch this video to learn more about an energy disconnection and what to do if it happens.

    Don't be in the dark


    Before any disconnection, energy companies must send you at least one disconnection notice.

    As soon as you receive the first notice, contact your company and tell them if:

    • you rely on electricity for medical support
    • you are vulnerable in another way such as your age, health, disability or financial situation
    • you are having trouble paying bills and want to know about other payment options that could make it easier.

    Organisations are doing a lot to support customers who are vulnerable or medically dependent. Let them know if you require assistance. If it's not sorted, contact Utilities Disputes 0800 22 33 40 or email

    Get in touch! Our service is free, independent and fair.



  • Now, more than ever it’s important to stay connected.

    Ask us for help when you need it and how you need it.

    We will listen, ask the right questions and help get you to the right place.

    Watch this video to see how you can 'stay connected'