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Our submissions

UDL draws on over twenty years of operations to make submissions on new legislation and consultations carried out by regulatory, government and non government agencies.  These may relate to our areas of expertise such as electricity, gas, water and installation of fibre on shared property and also the benefits of a free and independent dispute resolution service.

UDL Submission Electricity Industry Amendment Bill

  • The Chair of Economic Development, Science and Innovation Committee called for submissions on the Electricity Industry Amendment Bill. The bill would amend the Electricity Industry Act 2010, which governs the Electricity Authority and the Electricity Industry Participation Code.

    The bill would:

    • establish an advocacy agency for small electricity consumers, and enable a levy on industry participations to recover the Government’s costs relating to this advocacy​
    • add an additional objective for the Electricity Authority to protect the interests of household and small business consumers in their dealings with industry participations
    • move provisions that relate to a distributor’s involvement in generation or retailing activities from Part 3 of the Act into Electricity Industry Participation Code
    • enable the Electricity Industry Participation Code to regulate distribution access terms and conditions, as it already does for transmission terms and conditions.

    The bill would also amend other parts of the Act. This includes amendments to the powers of the Electricity Authority and the Minister of Energy and Resources.

    Utilities Disputes: Tautohetohe Whaipainga (UDL) welcomed the opportunity to submit to the
    Economic Development, Science, and Innovation Committee on the Electricity Industry Amendment

    Read the UDL Submission November 2021 on the Electricity Industry Amendment.